It all began to the sound of man’s howling darkness, with an insatiable thirst for progress, a symphony of human emotion immersed itself in the erratic waves of machinery, slowly human love metamorphosed into mechanical logic.
The engine’s turbines revved up while the friction crumpled iron.
Man surrendered to this new construct of mechanical slavery whilst the invisible creatures of the great city resonated in vibration. The immortal machine encompassed all but fear of destruction. It took pleasure in death. In the void it swam, swam with no remorse. So it was decided! These turbulent and melancholic waves of death would suffocate everything in their mist through a sharp silent wind. It was final.

Sam Eyvaz – Seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds


Sam Eyvaz became associated with music at a young age, Starting out as a viola player in symphonic and contemporary orchestras, soon he got connected to the Underground indie scene in Tehran and became a Electro-Punk drummer, in 2014 he joined Langtunes, the band from the hometown. He moved to Berlin in 2015 and continues his solo Artistic career. Beside his artistic activities Sam Eyvaz curated diverse events in Berlin such as Exhibition, Concert and Club nights. He presented different Iranian Artist and contemporary musicians in Berlin under the name of  Tehran On Their Ground and Co- curated exhibitions and electronic music events with Berlin based community Hoerbild. Currently he is working on music production, Live performance and Curating contemporary music & new media art Festival “Future East Festival” as well as collaborating with different artists.

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